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Confessions – Here I am

(found furniture, leather, metallic cones, audio in loop)

The voice of the poet. Excerpts from poems and texts of different authors, some bitter, some comic or erotic are read in a whispering manner. The whisper comes out from metallic cones and one has to approach their ear to listen. In this fragmented narrative poetic text is heard with the urgency of a deep confession.

The object is a hybrid construction: part furniture, part organic, part indurstial.

Texts from: Simon de Beauvoir, Y. Vacalopoulos, A. Rimbeau, F. Pessoa, K. Gogou, A. Empeirikos, C. Levi Strauss, A. Breton, P. Eluard, K. Karyotakis, Jorge Luis Borges, G. Bataille, T. Leivaditis and myself.


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