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Spanning across painting, drawing, sculpture and video, Zeta Tsermou's work is a contemplation of the female experience. She is interested in how the concepts of desire and identity are changed and affected by sexuality, age, motherhood, medicine, social norms and politics. By intuitively cutting and pasting, isolating and juxtaposing, she focuses and exposes details, assembles and composes new relationships that evoke the body in its physical and metaphysical dimensions. Distilled and transformed into shapes and colours, her personal experiences as well as the myths and stories from her cultural background are used as prime material. The resulting abstraction proposes a new imagery of shapes and entities, one where familial narratives are reforged into a new language where the fragmented body becomes the main, reoccurring theme and vehicle for her research and creation. It is a method that reveals things that are painful or hidden, one that recreates a sense of intimacy and urgency. 

Traversing both the personal and the cultural, Tsermou creates cerebral and intuitive works that invite a mediative looking.The synthesis as well as the structure of the forms she uses reveal her architectural background: there is a strong sense of balance between the solid compositions and the free flowing geometries.The playful shapes -whimsical and robust- carry the echoes of body parts and tell their stories while the use of colours and the attention to detail propose an immersive experience. 

Together her two dimensional work and her sculptures create environments that expose the multifaceted realities of the female experience. The act of deconstruction becomes one of digestion, a method of understanding not just the material – paint, ceramic, video- but a way of understanding one’s self and claiming a place in the world.





Zeta Tsermou (b. Athens, 1972) is a visual artist living and working in Brussels.

She studied architecture in NTUA in Athens and in the Bartlett (UCL) in London and worked as an architect in both Athens and London. Later she studied sculpture in Athens School of Fine Arts. She has participated in group exhibitions in Greece and in Europe while her work is found in private collections.

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